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A Community Mental Health Provider

Employee Testimonials

"I appreciate the variety of clients, being able to help others, and the amount of support received by team leaders, co-workers, and the overall Wabash Valley company." - Starr Fleeger, Case Manager, 2 years

"I have found many benefits to working at Wabash Valley, including being able to make my own schedule, help clients, and learn skills for myself that I can apply to my own life such as parenting and patience." - Sarah Muller, Case Manager, 1.5 years


"I am currently trying to get into medical school. Accepting an offer at Wabash Valley has helped me to gain hands on experience... and gain knowledge I [couldn't get] through formal education alone." - Hina Batool, Case Manager, 1 year


"I appreciate the care from Wabash Valley Alliance. I feel that my co-workers and supervisor actually care about my work and ... stress level and are willing to sacrifice their time to assist me." - Cierra Perry, Case Manager, 6 months


"The clients we serve, the goals we [pursue], and the bonds that are built with co-workers keep me from seeking employment elsewhere. Plus, WVA provides opportunity to grow within the company." - Holly Barker, Corporate Compliance Officer, 4 years

"The connections I make with clients and their families are priceless. I love my work." - Mark Huff, Case Manager, 4.5 years


"Working at Wabash Valley over the past 5 years has given me the opportunity and flexibility to further my career from a direct care position into an administrative role, while continuing to build my own family." - Morgan Gilbert, Wraparound Program Coordinator, 5 years


"I appreciate the supportive work environment. We have doctors, nurse practioners, RNs, social workers, psychologists, and case managers at our disposal. If you are an organized people person who likes working independently in an interesting atmosphere, WVA is a great place!" - Bonnie DeLa, Case Manager Team Leader, 42 years


"WVA is a solid organization that has been providing services since 1935. WVA is growing - we have grown from 250 staff 10 years ago to over 500 staff today, and we provide more services to more people than ever before. I enjoy coming to work each day knowing that there will be new challenges." - Tom Gilliom, Chief Operating Officer, 7 years

"I appreciate the flexibility in making decisions for client care, scheduling, and [the support] for attending external trainings that interest me." - Kristina Zenor, Case Manager Team Leader, 6 years


"The best and most fulfilling part of my job is teaching and supporting staff in feeling confident and prepared to serve the clients and families we work with. It's a way for me to invest in my community while still utilizing my education and training." - Monique Kulkarni, Director of Community Living for Children and Adolescents, 2 years